Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Keeping the romance alive :o)

With 6 little guys running around the house life can get stressful and there is NEVER enough time. It feels like there is always something needing to get done, some event to go to. We try to live a simple life and keep our marriage and family first.
My Honey and I work very hard to keep our marriage strong and happy. We have been active in World Wide Marriage Encounter for over a year now. (it's such a wonderful ministry ask me about it!)
We write each other a love note every night and take 20 minutes to share our letter and how our day was.
Wednesday nights are date night. We don't actually go out (can you imagine what it would cost to get a bay sitter for 6 plus dinner out and a movie!?) We stay home sometime play a game of scrabble, or watch a DVD, but we shut the phone off, shut the computer off, and just focus on each other. I really look forward to Wednesday nights :o)
We are always looking for new ideas that cost little to nothing for date night ....So in a tough economy and busy times what do you and your honey do?
Wishing you many blessings and much happiness in your lives. Happy Wednesday!!

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Art Of The Craft Studios said...

Oh Girl, I know the feeling! No one wanted to watch our kids even for money! LOL We would do "movie theatre" and make tickets and serve popcorn in seperate containers that they would exchange "money"(invisible money) for then blacken the windows by tacking up blankets and set up 2 rows of 2 in front of the tv. Hubby and I can then sit in back on the couch and cuddle, almost interrupted, if its a good movie! Now that everyone's potty trained we have been going on more dates! Turns out family will watch if they dont have to wipe a butt! LOL