Monday, January 5, 2009

Catching back up on life!

Whew! It seems like everything since Thanksgiving has been a blur. Between Christmas orders, and Christmas events, and family visits, and the inevitable illnesses.
My crew still has one more week of Christmas vacation so I plan to enjoy it :o)

On a slightly business note...For any of my daily giveaway winners, if you did not receive your surprise please email me

The post office decided to play hide and seek with some of my holiday packages. I think I managed to track down all of the ones through etsy but I know a couple of the giveaway packages are still missing and I want to be sure I didn't over look anyone else. I promise they will get to you one way or another.

That said I have to ask....does anyone else have issues with their post office? This Christmas was a bit of a nightmare for my packages! I only made one address error (sorry again Jen!) But still had about 10 packages go who knows where before finally arriving to their destination. Some 1st class packages took almost 2 weeks, some Priority packages took almost that long too, and the one Express mail package I sent took 5 days!!!
I'm giving serious thought to using UPS, but I would hate to raise my shipping costs that high.

Oh well I'm done griping for the day :o)

I'm back at my work bench a bit this week so keep an eye out for some of my 2009 collection plus a fun Valentines collection!

Happy day to everyone!!!

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Sheila Nielsen Photography said...

Hey! I'm glad that you had a merry Christmas! I love seeing your photos!
UPS has been the devil, for me. LOTS of lost packages. They refuse to give refunds for their, they are just as "fun" as USPS...I'm sorry you had trouble!
Oh! Erik LOVES his keychain. I was so happy to see his eyes light up when he opened it (that's not an easy task with gifts).