Monday, April 12, 2010

New (sort of) Goodies!

I've been working on getting ready for the Queen Bee Market in Carlsbad on May 1st.

I spent part of Saturday re tagging jewelry and polishing goodies that have been tucked away for almost a year now, and I realized how many designs I have made that never ended up getting listed in my etsy shop.

So today these old pretties will become new listings in my shop, Just in time for Mother's Day shoppers. I have TONS more but I didn't want to overload blogger with too photos

Don't forget April 15th is the last day to shop, and I promised my hubby that no matter how hard anyone begs I won't take any late orders (apparently I'm kinda grumpy when I don't sleep because I took too many late orders ;)

I have this bracelet in several different colors all made with natural gem stones.

Love this little cutie!

A different version on my "Sun Sea Sand and Serenity" necklace

"A mother holds her child's hand for only a moment but holds her heart forever"

I have a thing for Star fish, can you tell? I spent a forever looking for the perfect tiny star fish to create this one. It's dainty and so cute!

infinte love...simple ~ romantic

I dicontinued my crescet "love you to the moon and back beacuse everyone seemed to have teh same one on etsy, so I created this one to offer something different from the same sweet story.

Love ROCKS! This one was born of an experiment. I don't like to waist any silver and try to use recycled silver when ever I can. I made this little guy by recycling my silver scraps. I love the simple organic look of it.


Brian and Ruth said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOWWO!!! What beautiful creations. Wish I was in Carlsbad on the 1st.

TUTU Monkey said...



Diane said...

Are you listing the "Beach Girl" necklace? It would be perfect for my sister in law, but I don't see it listed in your shop!