Friday, April 30, 2010

we're off!!!

After many Late late late nights and lots of coffee and TONS of Earl Grey tea Almost all mother's day orders are shipping out. Thanks Tracy for the encouraging e-mails at 2am to keep on truckin' :)

The last of the Mother's day orders will head on out Monday morning!

But today I'm off to pick up my good Friend Tracy of Creme De La Gems so we can head on down to Carlsbad for Friday night and we're not running off to the beach for a girls weekend...we're flying on down to meet the Queen Bees at the QUEEN BEE MARKET!

Are you coming too?!!! You really should, It's going to be Fabulous! Tons of wonderful creative vendors, and so much pretty eye candy and hand made shopping bliss. Not to mention all my pretty jewelry ;)

You can bee sure I'll have photos to post of the event....after one last late night on Sunday to get the last of the Mother's Day goodies on their ways to some very lucky mommies.

Enjoy your weekend!!

1 comment:

Tracy Rogers said...

I'm just seeing this post now ;) I had no idea you were BLOGGING thru all our sleepless nights!!!

:D Love Ya!