Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meggie sings in church

Like most two year olds my little Meggie Just can't sit quietly for an hour in church. Way two much to expect. When she gets too loud I take her out so my hubby can stay and participate in the whole mass.
So last Saturday we attended a baptism. Right on cue a half hour into the service Meggie started being goofy so I walked out to the foyer with her. There was another little guy out there about her age. The other mom and I shared an empathetic smile.
Meggie spotted the other little guy and immediately put on the charm batting her eyes and shrugging her shoulder to give him a coy little smile (oh daddy we are in for it when she's a teenager!)
So these two flirted back and forth and communicated in two year old babble. When all of a sudden Meggie turns around sticks out her butt and while shaking her little booty sings clear as day "I like big butts!"
Okay, in my defence she has three older brothers who are at that age where the word butt is funny and they have seen the Shrek Karaoke a few too many time. You know you've all seen donkey sing that song!
Anyhow the other mom just gave me this look like what are they teaching her. I was sooo red! Meggie was just disappointed that the little boy left soon after her serenade. Oh well at least we were at another church instead of our own, or I'm sure the rumors would fly!


~love said...

ok, THAT is hilarious. =)

Sherry said...

Oh my gosh, that is so cute! I'm sure it was embarrassing, but so cute. My 8 & 9 year old are at that age too where things like that are so funny!! My 2 year old shakes his little boodie and thinks farts are hilarious!

Thanks for sharing!!

Sheila Nielsen Photography said...

Ha! Too cute! "I like big butts" is a favorite in our house too. The sad part is that, (back in the day), a friend & I made a video to that song....