Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New New New!

Our Nathaniel has been pretty sick for a week now. Just when we think he is getting better he starts throwing up again. Poor little guy!

If you are waiting on a package from me this is why it hasn't arrived yet, but rest assured my hubby promised I could work today when he gets home, and he will take the kiddies for me so your goodies will be in tomorrow's mail :o)

I was able to snap a couple of pictures today, with Nathaniel in my arms so I hope they aren't too shaky. I was just too excited and had to share!
I made these pieces some time ago...they are all hand shaped and formed from PMC (precious metal clay) A silver clay that when fired leaves a solid piece of fine silver.

These are a work in progress the final pieces will be in my shop when my little honey is well again.

These two are before the patina was added

This is after the patina was added...isn't that blue gorgeous! All four pieces went into the same bowl of sulfur but each came out a bit different! The heart with the crown stamped on it is set with a real diamond! Perfect for a little princess don't you think ;o)
This is after polishing to remove some of the excess patina This one is going on a key chain for me :o)
This little guy was a hard lesson learned. I fired it before the center was completely dry so it cracked. It's still solid and beautiful so I am going to finish the original design plan and keep it. (oh poor me ;o) It is set with a diamond too! When time and kiddies allow I will make a new one and let it dry through this time!


Sheila Nielsen Photography said...

I pray that little Nathaniel gets well soon!
Beautiful pieces!

Gina said...

Hey girl! Love those pieces, hope Nathaniel gets better soon! We are headed to murrietta hot springs, we are heading to the pastors wives conference, at the bible college.


Kristen said...


these are gorgeous!!

Heidi Zawisza said...

I love this stuff!!