Thursday, January 27, 2011

Destination Healthy aka the diet week #2

(I just might have to pick up this picture by Caty99)

I can't thank you ladies who shared last week enough. You really were so encouraging.

I think we can inspire each other together to keep on track!! So please share your progress, ideas or recipes!! You are not alone :)

Here we are at week 2. I stepped on the scale this morning... last week 179 today 175.4. Little by little. The happy report for today is I had to cinch my belt up one more notch! Yay!

So here it is, the good the bad and the ugly....

I've been asked what am I doing; a weight loss plan, or organized group weight watchers etc...

The answer is no. I am going it alone (with the wonderful encouragement of you ladies!!) I can't do a plan where my meals are pre set, cooked and delivered. I hear those plans are amazing and give awesome results but with 6 kids and a hubby to feed it wont work in my life.

I did some reading on diets this week and I think that left me more confused, "cut carbs, cut protein, eat dairy don't eat dairy" Everybody seams to have a different answer.

So I am going with my own common sense.

I have made little changes in my daily life. I doubled my walking route. With 27 pounds of Nathaniel strapped to my back, it's a good work out.

I cut out all fast food and most processed foods. Which was really hard when Rob ordered pizza the night I took Nathaniel in to the ER (he's fine now) It was a stressful night, and I'm a stress eater, and there was all this yummy cheese coated pizza when I returned home.

I grabbed a yogurt and walked away from the pizza! That was not an easy thing to do.

I wont cut out carbs, but I switched to whole grain, whole wheat. I prepare my own meat so I know what seasoning and salt content go in (I've always done this though) I'm eating more fruit, and if I'm still hungry at dinner and temped to go for seconds, I stick to a second serving of veggies.

No it hasn't been all that easy. There are temptations everywhere. I'm hungry, it seams like all the time, especially late at night when I'm working at my work bench.

My hubby who has put on 5 pounds in the last 12 years I've known him, keeps chocolate snacks in the freezer. Midnight rolls around and I'm still up working I just want to tear into one like a rabid animal and enjoy the chocolate bliss, but...I grab my yogurt instead and leave the kitchen before temptation gets the better of me.

That's where I stand heading into week 2.
How are you doing?
Keep it up we'll walk this journey together!!


Alexandra said...

Congrats on the first few pounds gone! Your plan sounds perfect. I have never been able to follow a set diet, I love food too much to have to cut anything out completely. Fast food and a lot of processed foods were not hard to eliminate. I found it was easier for me to continue to eat the foods I ate while pregnant (albeit in smaller quantities) and it has allowed me to keep extra weight off. At least so far. :-)

Brian and Ruth said...
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Brian and Ruth said...

{Sorry deleted my first comment when I realized there was an error - ooppps!}

Congratulations to you Canela !~ and not just for the pounds you've managed to release, but rather for common sense and willpower to walk away!

Indeed there are so many options available to us today (via tv ads, internet, etc). A year ago I made the choice to take a class that I've wanted to take for some time (taught by a very good friend of mine) that completely changed my life!!! What I learned in those 6 weeks about living a healthy lifestyle and what that means (good vs bad carbs, what processed foods actually do in your body, the effect of whole grains, etc) was incredibly valuable. Though you are already on the road to such a better lifestyle, here is the link to the website that might offer some valuable information to you too.

p.s. Just wanted you to know that I am not selling nor promoting any program or product by listing the website. I am not a rep or anything like that. I only speak so highly of the information (truly you could call/consider it a low glycemic lifestyle) because it truly changed my life (suffered from lots of body ailments that have seized to exist since). And in light of learning about my dad's cancer ~ I couldn't afford not to make a change.

Lori said...

It's so hard to loose weight and I am so proud of you that even with all that "good food" in the freezer you hung tough. We are working on getting healthier. One thing that has helped me in the last week is Orbit White Bubble Gum. Give it a try.

Elisa said...

Canela, You should be very proud of yourself. I think common sense is the best way to diet. I've never thought cutting out certain foods was a good way to diet and keep it off. It may work for some people, but I think portion control and common sense and a little bit of exercise work best. It's a whole lifestyle change too. I've got the exercise thing put back in my life, but the diet thing is a struggle. I need your will power and I need the Girl scout cookies to be gone.

Your sale this week was very tempting, but I am also going on a financial diet as we are starting the Dave Ramsey classes on Monday. But I am sticking to using it as my incentive to get healthier. I will just have to sock away an extra $5 in an envelope for jewelry every week I meet my goals. I would love to loose about 20-25 pounds. I love so many of your beautiful creations. I think the stacking rings with the heart and the beauty of faith cross necklace are my favorites. It will be hard to choose.

Elisa said...
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Clara said...

Way to go on your diet plan! I think you are absolutely going about it the right way. I am an avid runner and I totally believe that exercise is the way to a healthy lifestyle. Not only is exercise easier to stick with than a rigid diet plan, but it also leads to healthier food choices as you get more and more serious about your workout, AND it becomes a habit and part of your lifestyle if you stick with it. Congratulations on your progress last week!

Jen said...

I just stumbled on your blog today from your beautiful etsy site and I am so happy I did. Your jewelry is beautiful.

I, too, am trying to going it "alone" with a weight loss plan. Good for you bypassing the pizza and chocolate goodies. That is so hard to do.

I look forward to following along and joining you on your journey to a healthier life. My "baby" is 3-1/2 so it's time for me to drop the "baby weight" too.