Saturday, January 15, 2011


I love the quite hours of the morning when I sit at my workbench. The kids are all tucked safe in their beds, my honey is fast asleep, and there is silence. Beautiful blissful silence.

After midnight is when I find my peace. When I can bring two thoughts together with out them being interrupted by questions and request, and the occasional sibling bickering. I can plant those thoughts in my heart, and let them grow and create beauty from them.

I can reflect, pray, or just enjoy the quiet rhythm as I hammer and stamp.

Tonight I find myself reflecting over last month. In a word it was a disaster. By the end, even though I finished all my orders on time and shipped everything as promised I felt so worn down and on some days, defeated.

It was difficult to find the strength to persevere those days, when at 3 am I would look behind me and see my hubby snuggled under our blankies, and I so desperately wanted to just stop working, and cuddle up in the comfort of his arms and sleep.

We all have these times in our life, we're human. We plan and we plan, we think we have our ducks in a row and we DEPEND on OUR plans, then... they fall apart and we have no control over it.

It is these times that we have to step back place our broken non existent plans in God's hands and know, He will give us the strength to persevere. He will set the path. If we choose to walk it, He will guide us.

Artwork by atticusfinch

Sometimes that strength comes to us from others.

In my weakest moments last month, when i just wanted to cry at 3am, because something else went wrong, someone else got sick, something else broke I was exhausted and wanted to give up
Tracy would send me an e-mail. They always came in right when I needed them most, right when I was ready to set the hammer down, there was an e-mail encouraging me on.

Tracy is a kindred soul, my creative sister! This Christmas season was busy for her as well, and we were there for each other in the wee hours of the morning encouraging each other to keep faith, the light was at the end of the dark path we just had to keep going. We kept the faith, we persevered!! Thanks Tracy, love ya!

Do you have a Kindred Soul in your life?

wishing you peace this weekend




Tracy Rogers said...

{balling like a baby} sniff!


:D I love you "sista"

Scrapjoy said...

Canela know that we all appreciate the time and love you put into your creations, your blog, your family...and life! Hoping 2011 is your most wonderful year yet.