Friday, January 21, 2011

pretty little things

I've been hard at work this week making over my studio space.

Here is the before picture, I figure if I can admit my weight and size yesterday sharing this can't be as scary! Can it? (please don't submit my space to hoarders, it's not as bad as it looks ;)

I spent the last 2 days clearing out this side of the room so I can paint. I sifted through all my boxes of supplies and crafts under that messy table to the right.

I let much of it go.

They are craft supplies I used before I started full time into silversmithing. Thinking some say I may use them again, I kept them hidden away (okay fine they're not so hidden). I have decided that my arsenal of metalsmithing tools needs to continue to grow and it can't until I let go of some other things.
Some of it is heading to the garage for the girls to use when they get older and much of it has gone off to new homes.

I have taken down all my tackle boxes that stored my beads. I can't see them in those boxes, and so they have just sat there unused feelilng unloved for too long.

I transferred them into little vintage spice jars. Don't they look beautiful!!

Once I am done painting, I plan to put up wall shelves and the bottles will all find new homes on the shelves where they can be seen in all they sparkly colorful beauty!

The shelves will take some time to get up. So you will have to wait a bit for the final pictures. My hubby is usually the handy man, but he's in the middle of writing his thesis for his final semester of his masters program. I don't want to wait till April when he is done so I plan to figure to how to create the shelves myself and hang them. :)

Have you taken on any New Projects this year? I'd love to hear about them!



PS. If you have been waiting to see all the new designs, I promise that post is coming very soon! It has taken me longer than I expected to get them all listed with the kids home sick this week.


Elisa said...

Canela, From your love notes, to your work room redesign, to organizing your work room, your struggle with weight, your faith, being a stay at home mom with an in home business, to looking at your beautiful jewelry creations, you have become quite an inspiration to me. I stumbled upon your blog when searching through etsy for ideas and found your jewelry. Love love love it. I have yet to buy anything and maybe I will have to make that my reward for if, scratch that, When I do well with my new healthy style of exercise and eating for the new year. My baby is 5, so the baby weight excuse is way long gone for me. I am doing the Dr Oz 11 week challenge which I am hoping will turn into a lifetime of changes. Good luck with your journey. Hopefully we can inspire each other.

Jensamom23 said...

Canela...The beads in those yars are lovely! They would be pretty on glass shelves in a window jam and it would be easy to do. Just a thought. Have a great weekend.

TUTU Monkey said...

I love the spice jars!!!

Elisa hit it on the are amazing...keep it up!!!

Sent you an email awhile back....not sure if your got it ...just checking:) Happy FRIDAY

Jennifer said...

Those beads look so beautiful in the jars. I am excited to see everything when you have it done. I don't have any new projects for this year but I am hoping to finally finish my baby's room so he can move out of our room.

Tracy Rogers said...

Happiness! Your spice jars are just like the jars I "think" I have in my garage!! I hope I still have I can give them to you :)

I love your "messy" space!

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Elisa thank you so much for your sweet words, we'll inspire eachother through the journey :)

The make over is on hold while the kids are sick, but as soon as I get going again I'll share more updates.

OH Yes please Tracy send the jars on over ;)