Friday, January 14, 2011

Love Notes!

Since our courtship Rob and I have left each other surprise love notes. Some times it would be a card, or we would drive to the other's work and leave a little note on the car.

A couple of years ago we got some little foam hearts. We wrote little messages or drew pictures on them, some silly, some sweet and simple, some suggestive ;)

We hide them in different places around the house for the other to find. On the computer key board, dresser drawers, in my make up bag, in his wallet..

Today I found this one in my workbench drawer.

It always gives my heart a little flutter of joy when i find one :)

Do you have a fun little ritual with your honey to let them know you love them?

I'd love to hear!



1 comment:

Tracy Rogers said...

awwwww.....I love that idea! I've slipped notes into his box of altoids, or on the mirror, but it has been a while. Thanks for the tip & reminder :)