Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beautiful copper!

Happy Thursday to you all!!

I just though I'd share some goodies I've been working on :o). Whenever I do a craft show I try to have a large range on styles. I personally am a huge fan of copper! The rich warm color copper takes when it is oxidized with subtle hints of green and blue, it's just exquisite.

In the front of the picture are three more Trees from my "little tree" series. I just love being able to use my tool to draw in the metal and make something totally unique.

Over to the left is a dandelion with the word wish. This is in honor of those wonderful childhood memories of finding those snow white puffies on the yard...taking a deep breath and then watching each seed dance with the breeze in spirals, and then twirling around and falling in to the sweet smelling grass and giggling. Ahhh the innocence of childhood.

Then in the back are two lady bugs. I just adore lady bugs! Working out in my veggie garden and catching a flash of bright red, as the Sweet little creatures go about their day.

In the Center is a tribute to sisters, this is a favorite of all my local customers!

The top is stamped with the word sisters and two flowers and under is the quote "Sisters are different flowers from the garden of life" Simple and sweet. I am blessed with two amazing sisters, and I am so happy my girls have each other to share in the joys of life together, and support each other through the sorrows.

Thanks for letting me share!

These will not be listed in either of my store for now but if you are interested in them feel free to e-mail me!


Sheila Nielsen Photography said...

Just checking to see if you received me email.... :)

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Hi Sheila! No I didn't receive an e-mail from you but I just sent you one.
Canela :o)