Monday, July 21, 2008

Busy Bee

Happy Monday! :o)

I just thought I would share what I've been working on.
Last week I received an order for 100! of my dandelion charms from Sheila of Sheila Neilson Photography...she strives to catch the joy, wonder and innocence of childhood.
I think her work is fabulous check her out here Thanks Sheila!

First up on what I have finished in the last 5 days are these wildflower charms. I really love the song wildflower by Tom Petty and these were inspired by the light hearted feeling I get when I listen to it

Next are these beautiful Sterling sparrows I just got in the mail. Sparrows are a symbol of enduring love. As tribute to mothers, the first swallow has her nest of eggs. The second swallow has a small hand stamped charm that reads Soar Free. Thank you Sarah for sharing you love of sparrows with me and their meaning!

I have also been making tons of rings for the show. These are my little nest rings...each is hand wrapped from a very long piece of silver wire, and three little pearl "eggs" rest in the center.

Finally this is a custom order I received through my store. It's a mother's bracelet with her two beautiful childrens names and their birthdays. I hope you love it Nicole!

Well that all for now but I have lots more beauties finishing up in the tumbler so I'll share more later today!



Sherry said...

You've been really busy! I love the bird and bird nest stuff! So pretty!

Have a great day!

Sheila Nielsen Photography said...

Ah! Thanks! Your work is amazing. Your spirit shows through each piece & I can't wait to share that with my clients!

Kristen said...

just gorgeous!

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Thanks Ladies!

Doreen said...

Your work is amazing. I absolutely love it.