Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bringing 'em back!

I frequently get e-mails and convos asking about older designs that are no longer in my shop, so after some consideration, I decided to bring a few back!

Remember the bar necklace that had 4 sides? I'll have that one back in stock mid October, after I find a more reliable supplier for the square wire I use to create them.

Back in stock now are my copper initial necklaces. In light of the continued sluggish economy I wanted to offer something that is budget friendly and still super cute!

These guys make Great stocking stuffers (hint hint ;) Find them here and here.

One of the old designs I get asked about more often than any other lately, are my wax seal necklaces.
The Fleur Di Lis was the original one I carried. It's some where here on the blog in the archives (way way back), but I didn't get a chance to hunt the photo down. I discontinued it about a year ago when our seal stamp broke, but after a long search I found a manufacturer and ordered a set of custom font seals! I'm still on the hunt for another vintage Fleur di lis seal. Hopefully soon for those that asked :)

They are elegant and regal, and I just LOVE them! They pair beautifully with our bright chalcedony stones, or are great just on their own.

You can find them HERE

The ones with the Gem stones are HERE

The ones with no stones can be found HERE :)

Is there a discontinued design you love and wish I would bring back? Let me know I'd love to hear!!


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