Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crazy Lady!

So I'm feeling like the proverbial headless chicken. Sooooo much to do. Calgone take me away!

We had another computer failure this weekend. My hubby finally caved and bought an upgraded version of an Antivirus program. THANK YOU honey! Perhaps that will take care of some of my headaches as well as e-mail issues!

So that taken care of I have TONS and TONS and TONS of listings to get up in both shops, but I think they might have to wait till next week.
This week I will be busy getting meals prepared for my family to eat while I'm away at SPARK. Finishing orders so they are all shipped before i go and I can feel like I have earned the right to relax :)
Oh and the many many many convos waiting for my response...that's on tonight's agenda. Never enough time.

But I couldn't help teasing you all a little bit with a sneak peek of some new designs that will join the others in my shop next week..

The New Capture Life Necklace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you as excited as i am!!!! I had this stamp custom made for me back in June and I am just now getting a chance to photograph it. I LOVE the whimsy of the heart and the sweet little camera.

Ohhhhh this one I am just as excited about! It's a gemstone crested cuff bracelet! This one i have stamped with Faith Hope Love and Peace (gifts of the Spirit)
They will be able to be personalized with name or words of your choice and gemstones of your choice as well.
It's just a stunning piece! This one will be on my wrist this weekend :)

This little one is just a sneak peek of a gift I made for the oh so talented Mindy Gledhill who will be performing at SPARK this weekend!!! Yippeeeee. When I'm done this will have a little sterling silver balloon above it, Adorable! More pics as soon as I finish it!

I'm off to find my head, get it back on straight and get down to work ;)
How has your week started out?


JoAnna said...

I really love your new Capture Life necklace! Such a cute little camera. :) I'm getting tons of compliments on my bracelet and necklace, thanks again!

Allison said...

Oh girl that camera is WAY too cute for words! Love it, and the anchor too oh and the worry ring I forgot to comment on :) I hope you have an amazing trip.