Sunday, September 19, 2010

Um...Did that really just happen?!!

Have you ever had one of those small moments in life that just seem too surreal, like maybe you stepped into a sitcom?

I've been fighting off a nasty cold all week. Yesterday I gave in and decided I should lay down and take a much needed nap.

I climbed into bead and sank down on to my pillow.

Content and comfy I started to drift off. Somewhere in that blissful place where awareness starts to fade and sleep takes hold I heard a scratching noise on my pillow. Sure it was my hand brushing my pillow or the beginnings of a dream I ignored it and re-adjusted my head. Scratch scratch scratch...

Jared into awareness I gingerly picked up my head and lifted my pillow.

Nothing under it, so I opened my pillow case to peek in, and I swear I screamed so loud I'm sure the neighbors heard it through closed windows.
I dropped my pillow sure what i had just seen was a ginormous centipede.
Knowing I had to do something about it I picked up my pillow again and peeked back inside.

What a moment before I was sure was an evil centipede with fangs dripping ready to strike (yes i know they don't have fangs, but really, they're creepy) turned out to be a little bitty Lizard!

Poor guy, I'm sure he was way more freaked out to have been found than I was to find him, but seriously?! A LIZARD IN MY PILLOW CASE?!!!
It was one of those moments where i had to stop and say, did that really just happen?

Rob swears he didn't put it there. Though he likes a good piratical joke it's not his style to frighten an innocent animal, his wife yes, a bitty lizard no.

I asked the boys if anyone brought home new pets that they didn't tell mommy about, they were as shocked to see him as i was.

I guess he just wandered in with us one day and thought "huh, that looks like a good place to hide".

I caught the little guy and gently set him outside in my garden.

In my rush to catch him and get him outside uninjured I didn't get a photo.

Not sure who took this one but I just found it through google free pics :)

Oh and I didn't get a nap, would you sleep after all that?

Has anything surreal happened to you this weekend?



Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

I can't get your new bloom pendant out of my head. . . may have to buy that sucker for myself LONG before a birthday or Christmas!

Tracy Rogers said...

ACK!!! That would scare the pants off me!!