Monday, September 13, 2010


(isn't this picture dreamy! It's the kind of picture that makes me want to kick my shoes off and dance and spin in a field of wild flowers, I didn't doctor it at all, fresh off my camera :)

I'm back from SPARK and what an amazing weekend!!

I'm still a bit tired from the drive home, I have a very full e-mail/convo inbox that needs tending to, listings galore that need to be added in to each shop, and a 2 year old who is a bit mad at me for leaving him for 3 days , he needs to be cuddled :)
So I'll share about the event later this week but for today I thought I'd pop in and post up some of my favorite pictures from this weekend.

This was my favorite class. Wool felting!!! I always wondered how felting was done. Now I have a bag full of colorful wooly goodness to play with at home
OMGoodness!!!! The Food was wonderful, and this set up!!!!! They treated us royally.

The decorations were were A-MAZING!!! Vintage beauty everywhere!

I passed this truck on my drive in and thought is was just gorgeous. All rusted and beat up, with chippy blue and yellow paint, and these gigantic wooden pumpkins!!!!!!!
What did you get up to this weekend?



TUTU Monkey said...

Oh I am glad you had a wonderful weekend. I took a felting class from a good friend here in Coronado and I can see it becoming a new addiction for me....:)

Happy Monday ...hope to see you again soon!!!!

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

LOVE your pictures!!! Glad you had a lovely weekend!!

Hope your week is Fabulous!!

Bunny Hugs ~ Always!!


Nancy W said...

Love the photos you took!!