Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My new assistant ;)

No it's not really this little guy, though he wishes he could get into all my tools, and silver, and ribbons, oh and the torch, he LOVES my torch. He is very disappointed that i wont let him touch the's so unfair!

He did however enjoy unloading all the envelopes from their box, and taking all my old letter stamps out one by one, putting them back in their box one by one, taking them back out. Oh the Joy in the simple things!
I'd like to welcome my new assistant LeAnn! LeAnn has been working hard learning the ropes over the last couple of weeks.
Monica (my last assistant) has been looking and looking for a job with a University to teach English or Creative writing. After months of applying I'm happy to say she was hired last month here in So. Cal. YAY Monica! I'm so happy for you, sad that your not here each day, I miss the chit chat while we worked, but happy you got the job!
Hopefully LeAnn isn't as camera shy as Monica so I can post a welcome picture :)

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