Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Creative minds....

I know I said blog posts would be scarce as I get ready for my trip tomorrow, but something came up yesterday and I felt compelled to post about about it.

Yesterday evening I noticed a large amount of traffic coming over to my blog from Lisa Leonard's blog, if you spend any time in blog land you know her.

She is a talented jewelry artist, devoted mom, and overall sweet soul.

Shortly after noticing the traffic coming in I received a very unpleasant e-mail from a lady (not Lisa!) telling me I should be ashamed of myself for copying Lisa's new design.
I headed over to Lisa's blog and sure enough she has a new camera design. Our two designs are so very similar.

I wrote to Lisa and we chatted briefly about it. Lisa knows it is a total coincidence "A case of creative minds think alike!" as she put it :) It was pleasure chatting with you Lisa! Thank you!

Just to explain for others to understand...

Custom steel stamps take a long time to create. A design must first be sketched, then sent to a tool maker. The tool maker takes a large steel shank and engraves the design either with lazers or hand tools. The stamp then must be hand ground for a clean finish, and then heat hardened and tempered. It's not a fast process and usually takes 2-3 weeks or longer to receive.

So now that that's all happily cleared up...

I'm so excited to show the completed piece I made for Mindy Gledhill! Click on her name to go see her wonderful video for her song Anchor!

and now I'm off to finish getting my orders out before I leave my honey and kiddies behind to have a lovely creative weekend and SPARK. Yes I have the slightest twinge of guilt leaving everyone behind, but the alone time will be wonderful!!

Do you ever feel guilty leaving your kiddies home and taking some alone time? We're so hard on ourselves as mothers aren't we?




Brian and Ruth said...

Feel guilty...absolutely! It's awful...I stand in the kitchen claiming I just need a little alone time (aka Mommy time) and when I finally get it, I re-think that maybe I should just go home and spend time with the kids. Ugh!!! Don't I realize that I am a much better mommy when I have time to just me. :0)

Jensamom23 said...

I used to feel guilty, but have come to realize that time away from kids can be a good thing for everyone. Kind of a trickle down effect. When I saw that you and Lisa were both introducing cameras, I thought it was a sign that so many of us have become photographers at heart with the explosion of blogland. Continued Blessings!

Tracy Rogers said...

YOU have FUN!!! I can't wait to hear about it! :)

Nancy W said...

Love this piece you made for Mindy! She is such a lucky girl to get such a masterpiece! hugs fellow Spark Sister!