Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brave Soul

If you've been stopping by for a while you know I have a thing for winged hearts.
I love them for so many reasons, and they symbolize so much for me.

This bracelet was sparked the other night as I listened to our 11year old gush on and on about her audition. Our oldest has always been a little on the reserved and shy side. Middle school has encouraged her to come out of her shell a little, and this year she has really begun to bloom.

She was so proud of the fact that she got up in front of her peers and teachers and auditioned for a part in the school play. She shared how scared she was, but she still stepped out on stage and went for it!

We're so proud of you sweetie!!

This bangle is perfect for any brave soul, or may as a reminder to let go of our fears step out and go for it! Couldn't we all use a little extra encouragement in life?

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