Monday, October 4, 2010

Morning Peace

Almost every morning after the kids are dropped off safely at school, Nathaniel and I head over to one of our local parks and go for our morning walk.

I strap him on to my back in his "pack pack" and we head off into the quiet and peace.

I love this park, it's like a mini forest in the middle of our little town. It has huge Pines and Eucalyptus trees. Orange groves and flower gardens. Birds, and squirrels and rabbits. A lovely out door theater.

And solitude.

Together we soak in the beauty of the morning. Some days we sing silly songs together, and chat about the birds and leaves. Some days we just walk in silence, and wonder at Gods beauty.

It helps me to de-stress. To focus on the day ahead, and to start my day centered and peaceful.

How do you find peace in a hectic day?

happy Monday!

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Tracy Rogers said...

I always find peace in reading my Bible :) A close second, would be tucked into my nice, soft bed w/ clean sheets & a good movie!