Saturday, October 9, 2010

A busy Saturday

I met sweet April at SPARK. She was one of the instructors. She's a lady of many talents. We discovered our hubbies grew up in the same town and went to the same high school at the same time, though graduated different years. Small World!

We both have a love for all things creative, we are both jewelry enthusiast, and we are both self taught silversmiths!

Some day when we have time we plan to get together and have a torch day.

Today I'm off to visit her lovely home for a benefit dinner and concert to help support a family who lost their husband/father this July.

I made these beauties last night for the auction...

Each one has my bench mark on the back.

But before I can run off to play tonight there is work to be done.
~I have about 20 orders I'm finishing up, then I need to package them so they can ship today.
~Head out to the post office to ship the international orders.
~I still need to do some house cleaning, cooking for the kiddies for tonight, Iron my dress for tonight (oh how i hate ironing!)
~Hope to get to all my convos from yesterday, and then get gussied up for the party. I can't remember the last time Rob and I went to a dinner party. It's been years!

What do you like to do when you get a night out with your Hubby?



Allison said...

Ok just when I thought I had a favorite you make more! Please tell me you're going to sell that wave one in your store? I definitely need it! I actually even considered a tattoo that's similar!

I learned over my birthday when I was sick that a night IN with my hubby is awesome. Kids stayed with my mother in law and we just hung out, got take out and watched movies!

Brian and Ruth said...

I can honestly say sitting on the lanai in Maui watching sunrise/sunset with the love of my life truly tops the list!

kendraebsi said...

I was the lucky lady who won the heart necklace... been wearing it every day since... it's absolutely beautiful!