Friday, October 8, 2010

wiggle wiggle

He was thrilled to loose 2 teeth in a row, especially after the tooth fairy came to visit.

He thinks if he wiggles the other front tooth at least twice a day it's sure to fall out next.
Keep wiggling baby :)

Any fun plans this weekend?

Me, I'm dragging (almost literally) my honey down to Carlsbad to Enjoy a lovely evening at April's home for a benefit dinner, and concert with Mindy Gledhill!!!! Yippee!



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Brian and Ruth said...

Hey Canela,
Nope, haven't gotten any emails from your direction. Did you use the one?? I seem to be having trouble with emails sending/receiving ~ we could use blog to communicate or even facebook (should you be on).
Let me know! :0)
Happy Saturday,