Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Queen Bee!

This little lady buzzed on into my mail box yesterday! I made her just special for the Queen Bee Market.
You're Coming right? She'd really love to meet you there, maybe even fly home with you!
She's very sweet.
I sketched her by hand and sent my drawing off to my tool maker who created a stamp for me, so I can share her with all of you.
This sweet little bee pendant is a good size, 7/8 in (about the size of a Quarter)
She couldn't call her self the Queen Bee with out her pretty little crown, and just because every Queen needs her pearls, a creamy fresh water pearl hangs next to her.
So has she enticed you to join us at the Market?
Plan that road trip with your best girls, and come on down to the Del Mar Hilton
Nov. 12th 4pm to 9pm
Nov. 13th 9am to 4pm
I'll be showing more sneak peeks of the goodies that will be there with me so keep checking back.
And for you ladies that can't come most of these will be available in my shop :)


Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

super, super cute!!!

SouthernHeart said...

I love your work! I have a birthday coming up in a month and I may just have to treat myself!

Tracy Rogers said...

SERIOUSLY???? I loooove your new designs!! *happy dance*

Pickled Pink said...

I wish I could go meet the Queen Bee in person, but I will be stuck in Florida. I have shown my husband your new designs, though, hoping that one might make its way to me, over the holidays:) I hope you have a great show!