Sunday, October 10, 2010

Woodland Bliss

Saturday afternoon, all gussied up, my honey and I headed down to Carlsbad.

The drive down was relaxing (especially since Rob drove :) We had an hour to chat with no interruptions. Time to catch up, to make plans, share stories.

April, crafty momma that she is really out did her self.
Her home was beautiful, and the decorations were adorable! Gnome houses and toad stools, acorns and earthy Autumn hues adorned each table

She had a woodland theme and her home peppered with beautiful woodsy details.

(April introducing Mindy)

She hand painted river rocks with everyones names...there were over 80 people there!

After a yummy supper we were treated to the spunky sweet songs of Mindy Gledhill.

(Excuse my horrible photos they are all I have from the evening)

My sneaky hubby snapped this when I was off chatting with a few gals. I'm the one in turquoise.

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

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