Friday, September 11, 2009

And the winner is....

Angelina! 29votes out of 51!

But there is a Surprise....
I ordered the Learning Curve as well!

So in about 3 weeks you'll have a choice of Angelina Capital and lower case, Learning Curve lower case, tiny Bookman Old Style for my hand made bangles and eternity rings, plus the fonts I have already; the tiny script, papyrus and good ol' upper block.

I order Angelina and Learning Curve in the same size as Papyrus so they can be used on almost anything.

You can be sure that I will need some volunteers when they arrive!

Monica you are the winner of the gift card! I sent an e-mail :O)

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Ruth and Brian said...

So, I finally got around to posting pics of my 'winning'- stop by my blog to check it out!