Thursday, September 3, 2009

I miss my music

Our computer caught a virus a couple of weeks back which somehow fried the monitor. So in a panic to get the computer back up and running I sent my hubby out for a new monitor.

He came back; spent some time hooking it up and fixing the computer...I love that he can fix things :O)

I gave him a big smooch as a thank you and sat down to answer e-mails and convo. I like to listen to my playlist or other playlists while I do this so I logged into blogger excited to have our computer working again and...silence.

No speakers on the new monitor! sniff.

Oh well I wasn't too discouraged. I saw this as an opportunity to open up my little bitty ipod I treated myself to.

Our first ipod. It was on sale for $40 at Target. It was apple green. It would serenade me while I hammered away at my workbench. Sweet sweet music! I heart music!

I hooked it up to the computer. I followed the instructions to upload the necessary software. I registered it. I went straight to iTunes with my little gift card ready to fill it with sweet music...

Over an hour later I wanted to cry! I kept trying to buy a song and it kept asking me to register, so I would go register again and try again to buy..."please register" GRRRRRRRRR

I gave up.

Determined to have some music to listen to while I work I broke it out again. I registered. I entered my gift card info and Sweet Bliss it let me buy a song! Whooo Hooo!

I purchased 20 of my favorites. I disconnected the usb cable and plugged in the earphones and ...NOTHING!

The songs are on my computer but not my ipod. How the heck can I get them on there. I can't find anything that says download or upload to ipod. SIGH. I give up again for the day. Too much work to do.

Am I alone or does anyone else have this problem?

On a happier note...This simple beauty debuted last night. See her HERE

Hope everyone's Thursday is less frustrating than mine :O)



Mouse said...

You have to 'sync' the ipod with your list on the computer. I don't know what sort of ipod you have but basically when you plug it in it will show up in the bar on the left on Itunes.. you then select, drag & drop the songs to your ipod.. wait until it loads.. and unplug. Hope that helps!

Ruth and Brian said...

Always!!! I cannot begin to tell you how to make it work. But I can empathize with you as I too love music - any time of the day, especially when I am working out and there is nothing more frustrating than to get to the gym and find out a) out of battery or b) headphones broken or better yet c) son's mp3 not mine and now I am stuck listening to his source of music. UGH!

Just want you to know I hear you sister. :0)

BTW, yet another amazingly cute creation!

~Q~ said...

Glad you got your music sync'd to your Ipod. As for the new creation - I love it. When I saw it in your shop last night, I immediately favorited it as the colors are so different and so me!

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Thanks Ladies!

Q I can't access your blog by clicking on your "~Q~" can you send me the link so I can stop by adn say hi :O)

RachelArt said...
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