Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More birds!

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I think I just might have a new I say that every time I make something new? Just shows I LOVE what I get to do every day!

I made these little pretties last night. The first one will be for the launch the second is a gift for an expectant mom.

I have been coming up with designs for moms to represent their kids in a more subtle way. I do get asked now and then if I can make something with out names.

The two hearts represent her two kiddies.

What do you think?



Mouse said...

Those are both BEAUTIFUL! The two hearts could be for anything the person wanted.. sisters, friends, children..etc. I think the bird & the hearts are my favorite of your new pieces. Just think.. you could also do heart earrings to match!

Christina said...

I love these. I am expecting baby #2, so I especially love the second one. Are the hearts big enough to make put a first initial or something like that on them? I think that would be cute.

Beth said...

I love the second bird with the hearts! It would be perfect for a grandma too.

Tammie said...

I love the 1st one- those are beautiful- Good work

Jennifer said...

I love the new pieces. Especially the first bird. I think the second is a great idea for mother's jewelry.

grandmarockton said...

love the idea!

The Royal Family said...

I think that's a great idea. did i win the $40.00?? LOL