Monday, September 28, 2009

Back from the Gem and jewelry show!

I had sooo much fun at the gem show on Saturday picking up fresh supplies!!
I was like a kid in the candy store, only it was better, everything sparkled and glimmered and had no calories!! Eye candy every which way you turned! Shimmery gem stones, shining silver charms, color color color!!

I was just as excited to snap as many pictures as I could in between bartering for the best prices. I made sure to charge my camera battery. I packed my camera bag. Made sure to grab the battery on my way out Saturday morning. I got out to Santa Monica only to realize I forgot my card :(

So you'll have to settle for pictures of my finds These were my favorite charms I found! I love Mermaids and Fairies. The bee was just too perfect for my Queen bee necklaces and will pair perfectly with the new crowns I found.
Lots of pearls, a staple for most of my pieces. More Chalcedony for my sea themed necklaces.

Genuine gem stones a new addition I supper excited about. I managed to find each of the birthstones including real emeralds and sapphires....well almost all the stones, the diamonds were out of my price range, so I substituted those with white topaz.

Lots of crowns.

Gem stones for the Eternity rings....I'm still missing 3 birth months so I'll need to hunt those down soon.
I can't wait till I can start creating!! Just need to catch up on orders first....better get over to my work bench.


Katy32 said...

great finds! can't wait to see what you use them for

Chantelle said...

do you get better deals by going to a show like this vs buying online? I've been thinking iof attending one.

Tracy Rogers said...

OHhhhh my goodness!! I am thrilled, and cannot wait to see what you create with them!