Monday, September 14, 2009

Something new!

I've been in a girlie whimsical mood. The weather has changed. It was 108 last week and it's 76 today! I love the fall. The crisp feel of the air. The scent of change. The smell of breads baking in our oven. The twitter of the birds on their journey to warmer climates.

I get giddy!

I was inspired to make this little necklace.

The flowers are soldered on the pendant and the names are the stems.

Isn't it sweet. You can find it HERE


Katy32 said...

I love it! Can it be made as a single?

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Yes Katy I can make one with just one name :O) How's little J?

Hugs Canela

Ruth and Brian said...

Oh my gosh - daisy's are my favorite flower in the whole world. This is sooooo cute. I cannot wait until I have enough pennies to save up to order this one for sure!

By the way, this amazing little surprise showed up today - so beautiful! I cannot say enough appreciation for you and what you do.

A million thank yous!


Katy32 said...

Awesome! I am so ordering one as soon as I get paid.

J is doing ok, minus the hives from eating something that didn't agree with him.

How are your kids?

Katy32 said...

p.s when do you expect the Angelina font?

Corie said...

Canela, Just got my beautiful necklace. It is even cuter in person than in the picture (which didn't seem possible). Thank-you so very much!!! Love it.