Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day dream with me....

This is what I ask my husband when I have a sketch for a new design that I can't wait to bring to life. He usually just smiles and nods to humor me having no clue what my scribbles are suppose to be.

So I'm asking dream with me....because I am sooooo excited about this new line that will debut next month. I want to have it available tomorrow; it is taking all my self control to wait.

Now, you want to know why I have to wait and why I am making you wait with me.

Well picture it... In the 3 small circles, shiny bright colored gem stones! Your kiddies birthstones, real gem stones! Yippee! Are you even half as excited as I am?

At the end of the month I am heading out to the Gem convention to get the best deals I can on the little stones for this line. I have 5 other designs that will feature gem stones set in these tiny rings. I just have to impatiently wait till then to finish it.

Now you're probably smiling and nodding thinking what is she rambling on about?

Seriously they will be awesome! I promise.

Just had to share....Thanks for day dreaming with me :O)


Beth said...

lookin' good!

Allison said...

I LOVE it. If you can swing it I'd LOVE to see real opal and pearl for October and June. The crystal color is pink for both with doesn't really go well for my boys. I love the daydreaming. My husband does the same. He can never imagine what I'm talking about, I wish sometimes he'd just pretend to understand LOL

heather said...

I can't imagine how fun daydreaming with you must be!! If your husband ever wants a replacement, I'll volunteer! I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the new design! I can not wait to see it finished, no wonder you're's really cool!

cryss21 said...

Heck yes! It'll be great!

Ruth and Brian said...

Oh I can see it alright! Can hardly wait to see more of this line.

Hmmm, let's see, 2 September stones, 1 February and 1 July.

By the way, the boys necklaces arrived today and they were sooooo excited! I kept telling them that it took mine a week to arrive and that I wouldn't expect it today and lo and behold there they were. You are so awesome!