Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday evening yumminess

I love baking! Combining flour with simple ingredients to create something beautiful and sooo yummy!

I've been looking for a great quick bread recipe. I came across one for Cheddar beer bread today. I'm not a beer fan. I've never had more than a couple of sips of beer, I just don't care for it, but there is something about the flavor of beer in food that is just scrumptious.

This recipe was pretty good but I need to tweak it a little bit before I share. It was too salty, but I love the rustic look of it.

The good news is it's quick. If all the kneading and waiting on the last recipe for rolls didn't strike your fancy this one will be perfect!

Oh and have you met my kitchen assistant? I was making a port wine sauce with grapes to go with the pork roast (more on that recipe later) and my grapes kept vanishing off of my cutting board. Hmmmm wonder where they went to?

Can't you just see him thinking Uh Oh got caught!

What do you love to cook?

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