Sunday, January 17, 2010

Volunteer please!

Volunteers found thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I need another volunteer tonight! I'm looking for two volunteers this round.

~One for a couples necklace
~One with 2 to 3 kids names.

As always I will take the first email in my inbox that meets my needs for these pieces.

I will post when I have found my volunteers.

This will be the last of our glorious sun sets for awhile. The weather channel says we'll see 8 to 15 inches of rain this coming week!

The giveaway will start tomorrow!

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!


susan d. said...

Did you say volunteer? I would love to volunteer. If my kids names fit the requirements. Dustin & Ella. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Your jewelry is incredibly artistic and beautiful. Enjoy the rain. We are going to get a lot of it this week. :)

Troy said...

Canela- I would be happy to be a volunteer, if you still need one for the kids necklace. If not, I will keep trying. : )

Loved your pictures of the beach.


diana albright said...

i'd love to volunteer for the couples necklace if you still need one. My hubby and I are Jason & Diana. :-)

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Thank you so much for all the volunteers! I had my first two volunteers with in minutes of posting.
I will be calling for volunteers again soon so keep coming back!