Thursday, January 21, 2010

splish splash

We've had rain all week here. Crazy heavy rain, and hail at our house, and tornado warnings at the beach. Thank goodness we're not too close to the coast!
The kids have a major case of cabin fever so I let them out for a little, to romp around in the puddles while the rain was light, then warmed them up with Coco and Marshmallows.
It's suppose to down pour again this afternoon so I think Chicken and veggie soup and a fresh batch of rolls are in order.
What do you do on rainy days?
Happy Thursday!


Scrapjoy said...

Love the picture -- i like how colors look in the rain & clouds - somehow more vivid. The rain is pelting us here in AZ -- we always need it but why all at once?! :)

The Danenhauer's said...

lol . . . we did almost the same exact thing! I let my 2 boys splash and play in the mud to their hearts content. When we came inside we had hot chocolate and then potato soup and sourdough bread for dinner!