Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We have been thoroughly enjoying 80 degree weather. Gardening playing out doors, sooo tempted to start my veggie garden. We knew it wouldn't last. We have chilly rain today. It was a perfect time to bake some yummy bread. Can't you just smell it through the computer screen?

I'm thinking a nice stew would be great for dinner tonight.

What's on your Menu today?


~Q~ said...

80 degree weather? I'm jealous! I don't think we've cracked 30 all week! Stew sounds good especially with that yummy bread!

K :) said...

The bread looks sooo yummy, please share your recipe:)

Troy, Sarah and Lucy Sherman said...

yes please share the recipe! we had cilantro lime rice and santa fe chicken...all from this wonderful food blog i have been getting a ton from. Its on my favorites...called weight watchers recipes...only thing is im not doing weight watchers so I add the full fat stuff when I want. it was great!