Thursday, August 7, 2008

Boutique Angels are taking it to the Bidders!

Have you Heard of the Boutique Angels?

Every Three months some of Ebay's childrens Boutique designers get together for a cause and sell their designs to help others.

This time they are donating all proceeds of every auction to help Fight Juvenile Diabetes!

One of the members of the Design group I am part of knows the hardships that this disease causes on those so young.

Jodie of KJNCM is mom to Mitchell. Mitchell is a strong and vibrant young man. His dream is to join the army some day, but due to his diabetes that can not happen at this time.

Search Boutique Angels Charity on eBay and bid on some amazing items to help young girls and boys see that there desires for life are not just dreams!

I will be listing several items over the next few days.

For a peek at the first one go here!


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