Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Talent Treasury!

Well the best laid plans...This was suppose to be a Tuesday thing but I should know better that to commit to something on my blog with three in school and three home that wont take a nap any more! So I will feature a new artist each week I just wont commit to a day :o)

God gives us all Talents it is our choice to hide them away or to take them hone them and share them with this beautiful world!

This week I am featuring Dana of The Old Red Barn

I recently found her blog through someone elses. Dana is a sweet and earthy gal. She seems to do so much, and it is clear from reading her sweet and amusing posts that this down to earth lady adores her family.

She says in a post on her blog, "I try not to focus on my failures. Rather I just try to see the goodness, bounty and grace that comes from a happy life."

Oh does she do this! Here are some photos of her many talents...

Did I mention that she GIVES away quilts!!!! Yes those gorgeous quilts; she gives them away on her blog. Talk about sharing her talents!

In addition to sharing those beautiful quilts she make hand made soaps and bath scrubs.
She takes beautiful photographs

and she bakes!! YUMMY!
So take a couple of minutes to browse HER BLOG
Then go check out her shop of bath goodies then come back and post a comment telling me which scrub and soap set you like best because I am giving one away to a lucky blogger! I will announce a winner on Wednesday September 3rd. Best of luck!
Thank you Dana for letting me use your photos...Please do not borrow photos with out Dana's permission.


Amy said...

Blackberry Sage Goat Milk Soap sounds so yummy! I already read her blog and jsut love all she does! And those quilts are really just to die for!!!

The Royal Family said...

cinnamon apple peach sounds delicious! Anyway I stumbled upon your blog today from a link from grosgrain... anyway thanks!

Sarah R. said...

This is a great link. I think the Blackberry sage sounds lovely.

Stacey said...

The cinnamon apple wins my vote too....yummy! What a neat blog!

Thanks - Stacey

Heidi Zawisza said...

Canela, I LOVE your blog too!! I read it almost everyday!! Thank you so much for your sweet comments and encouragement every day.
So, I would LOVE the vanilla lavender set!! Great stuff! And yes, I agree about Dana and the red barn....I love it!!
Have a great day!!!!

Sheila Nielsen Photography said...

Oooh! The Oatmeal, milk & honey sounds perfect for my sensitive skin babes!

Suzy said...

Cinnamon apple peach, please! It sounds good enough to eat.