Wednesday, August 27, 2008

That Rockin' Jesus Music!

I usually listen to books on CD in the car, It's the only "reading" I have time for. I have however exhausted my collection.
The other day the kids wanted some music on while driving so I turned it to the local Christian station. Most of the songs are fairly mellow. A few are punk or Rock songs. So here is how the other morning went.

Kids "mom can you turn on the music?'
Me "sure"
Quiet song comes on
Gabriel "Is this Jesus Music?"
Me "Yes sweetie it is"
Gabriel "Awe man that guy is so awesome!" with a huge smile on his face and both thumbs up.
Next song comes on and it's a Punk song
Thomas "Is this still Jesus music?"
"Yes honey this song is about Jesus too"
Thomas "WOW it's Wild!" he pauses for a minute "Hey mom I LOVE this Wild Jesus music!!"
"Can we listen to this Rockin' Jesus music every day?!"

Things to write down in their notebooks :o)

Stay tuned today...I will be posting this weeks Talent Treasury in just a bit and there is a give away with it.
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